Do you feel like a mom…..of sorts? I am a mom of sorts, because I’m a mom who happens to be interested in many different arts and hobbies. I also refer to myself as a mom of sorts based on the ever present mom guilt that looms almost every day. For example, Most days I think I could have handled a situation with more patience, or I could have played with my children more today, or I wasted my creativity, or I could have been more productive…hmm, did I acknowledge my husband at all today? How much money is in the bank? I wonder how my friends are doing. AAH! Stop the mom brain! If this sounds familiar, this is the blog for you. I am a mother of two and trying very hard to resurrect my love of writing. My hope is to encourage other mothers out there who may need a boost of encouragement every now and then, while exploring new and creative ways to write.  I post every week.  Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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