Sheer Shirts? Sheerly Not.

WARNING: This blog post shall be deemed a rant and one that is based on years of pent-up frustration and confusion. Come on. It’ll be fun!

I do not understand the trend of sheer shirts that are dominating retail stores. I definitely prefer to dress modestly and I can understand that women want to be comfortable, but I claim that such shirts are designed to manipulate women.

See-through shirts attack our pocketbook. What’s that you say? It’s no big deal! Just buy a camisole to wear underneath and you’ll be fine? Um…no. Today I happen to have money to expand my wardrobe and I’d like all of my planning and saving to actually go a long way. I can buy 5 comfortable t-shirts for the same price as one see-through shirt and one camisole. Also, I find myself living in fear of the sneaky see-through shirts. One time I didn’t realize just how see-through a shirt was, because it looked great in the store. I suspect it had to do with the lighting, because everything was revealed in my brightly lit bathroom later that week. Thank you, see-through shirt. You made me late for church. And of course I couldn’t return it, because the receipt and bag were long gone. Who knows where, moms? Disintegrated by the washing machine? Lost underneath a mountain of bills? Money down the drain.

Sheer shirts attack our fashion sense and freedom to dress comfortably. The majority of popular camisoles are either form fitting, ridiculously lacey or extremely low-cut, so there really is no point in wearing a cami, because it looks like a bra anyway. I ask you, what’s the point?! I wonder if my mom friends will agree with me. After we have kids our body goes through so many changes, do we really want to wear a shirt that proclaims to all the world that our teenage figures are no more, or that breastfeeding has taken it’s toll? I kid you not, sometimes I’ve had to wear an additional t-shirt on top of a cami, just to keep from feeling exposed. Maybe it isn’t a big deal to those of you who live in colder climates, but having to wear more layers in the desert is insane. When we desert gals take a shower and spend hours of freshening up, believe you me, it is wasted within 30 minutes of walking outside. Add more layers of clothing and it just adds more layers of sweat.

And what are camisoles doing hanging up in the Girls section? What do young girls need camisoles for? I can only conclude that they are marketing see-through tops towards them. I’ve heard about the pre-sexualization of girl’s clothes based on comparing length of boys shorts and girls shorts. I noticed as I was packing away my children’s clothes that were getting too small. Although I was packing away the same size shorts for each child, my daughter’s shorts were obviously shorter in length. It dawned on me today, that this problem is for real. My generation never had to wear camisoles when we were younger. Our mothers didn’t have to buy us additional layers for the sake of fashion. Girls at this age are trying to develop their own style, and they shouldn’t have to worry about being exposed. I know this, because my daughter will put on a tie-dye tank top, a leopard print tutu, plaid stockings, pink cowgirl boots and be good to go. These shirts are the in-thing for older women and since whatever the in-thing is automatically appeals to the younger girls, the brainwashing begins. I don’t want to even think about having to buy these things for my daughter. I can see it now. My daughter squealing with delight over a shirt that has a popular character on it, and me denying it, because of the sheerness, thus, her rationale will immediately leap to the camisoles paired with it, because that is how the industry works.

Sure, some see-through shirts have a flowy elegance about them and perhaps it’s a cheaper material to market, but come on! Stop the madness! I hope this trend goes away very soon. I hope that future clothing lines take into account that women just want to be comfortable, and it is possible to make beautiful shirts out of something else.

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