Sing a song of thankfulness

A table full of pie

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes

Piled up to the sky


The moms are in the kitchen fixing up the feast

The men are swapping funny jokes

The football games have ceased.


The boys are in the backyard tossing around a ball

The girls are playing dollies and dressing up in shawls.

The dinner is prepared and we all bow our heads.

A quiet calm fills the room as everyone gets fed.


Sadly this is not the scene for this Thanksgiving Day

The spirit of a thankful heart has swiftly blown away


The children are on iPads

Their faces just like drones

And others in the same daze

Staring at their phones.


They’re searching for their Christmas gifts

Scrolling left and right

Unaware of family love

Surrounding them tonight.


Plans are made for shopping

Before the meal is through

Some are in the lines already

The bearings of a zoo


No more joyful settings

No devotion to enhance

Nobody wishes to thank the Lord

And no one wants to dance


The grown-ups point their fingers

And place a lot of blame

They give judgmental stares

Because opinions aren’t the same


Forgiveness is important

We should not hold a grudge

Even if the other person

Doesn’t wish to budge


Put away your differences

Politics are lame

Hug your sons and daughters

Play a little game


Let us thank our Savior

Grateful we should be

For all the blessings that we have

And also that we’re free


Show the world you’re thankful

But not by what you eat.

Donate to a charity

And spread a word that’s sweet.


So enjoy your bounty, friends

And teach your children this;

A thankful heart has joy

And give them all a kiss


Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

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