Things My Kids Have Taught Me

Make it Magical

A blob of green nail polish is barely visible on my daughter’s tiny finger. Stray pine needles still pop up around the house, even though I vacuumed weeks ago. The mountains of baked sweets are dwindling and the joy of Christmas is turning into a memory. The days after Christmas produce a gloomy atmosphere as we set back to the grind of daily life. But thankfully, children have a way of changing the mood of a day with the simplest of phrases. One day, before the New Year, snow started to fall in our southwest desert city. The kids were so excited. There hadn’t been any snow in our city for two years. Their incoherent squeals revealed dreams of snowball fights and sledding, but alas, it didn’t stick. The following morning, my husband had every intention of letting me sleep in, but my two little cherubs ran into the bedroom. “Mommy! It’s magical this time,” they squealed “It snowed magical!” Since we live in a city that never gets snow, of course I had to get up and take advantage of the less-than-an inch winter wonderland, and make memories with my kids.

Life is Beautiful

Every once in awhile when we take a trip to the supermarket, there are a number of doves or grackles strutting around the parking lot, just waiting for someone to drop a french fry or a half-eaten bag of chips. When my children were younger, they would be so excited when they saw the birds. They would say, “I’ve never been this close to a bird before!” Bird-watching such common birds is shrug-worthy for some people, but my children were having an experience. Their innocence, still untainted, found joy in what we would call mundane or ordinary.

My Life Before Kids Was Empty

When parenting gets difficult it is easy to crave an escape. Whenever something unexpected happens, for example, if one of my children poops in the tub, or if I received an injury for the umpteenth time from a tiny plastic toy, I would immediately seek refuge from a bowl of ice cream piled high with mini marshmallows. Sometimes I would allow the enemy to sneak in with his lies of how much better my life used to be when I was free to go out dancing and drinking. Where is the harm, you may ask? Not a big deal? When that was my lifestyle I was not a very nice person. I was fake. I was empty. My children have filled my days with such joy and abundant blessings, that I can’t imagine every going back to my old way of life. I will take the whining, the wet bed sheets, the wiping, the pawing, and the crying over the club scene every time.

Thumbs-Up Days

Becky tells me every Sunday at church they ask how she feels with “thumbs up” “thumbs down” or “thumbs in the middle.” One morning she told me, “I always say, ‘thumbs up’, because I always feel good on Sundays. It’s like I’m getting ready for a picnic or something.” It is amazing the spiritual depth in her statement. Be joyful in the Lord and always claim victory with a “thumbs up” day.

The father of godly children has cause for joy. What a pleasure to have children who are wise.” Proverbs 23:24

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