Magic Moms

When was the last time you watched a magic show? If you wondered, “How did they do it?” in the times of sawing women in half, nowadays magic shows have higher stakes and fancier illusions that cause even more befuddlement. I always enjoy watching these shows, because I am intrigued by the way they can fool us while providing excitement and wonder at the same time. A common tool by magicians is misdirection. They are able to hide the magic by getting us to focus on something else. It is ironic that we long to figure out how the trick was carried out, but if we actually took the time to expose the secret, the feeling of magic would be shattered.

Perfect parenting is an illusion. Perfect Pinterest parties and happy happy Facebook updates are misdirection. They trick you to focus on your failures or shortcomings and you miss the fact that you cannot see the whole picture. What is the whole picture? That we all have struggles and we are desperate convince others that we have it all together. Me included. My mother and some of my older mentors have shared with me that in their past they struggled with their identity and often had regrets or felt that they weren’t good enough. Obviously it is a common feeling for mothers. I’ve felt it, my girlfriends have felt it, so imagine how it was back then without social media and technology in the equation. We have more access to things that attack our self-esteem, just like magicians have come up with more resources to fool us.

Listen, dear mom friends: You have real magic. You kiss a scraped knee and it is immediately cured. You raise an eyebrow ever so slightly, and it keeps the kids in line. Your children follow you everywhere, because nobody feels safe like mommy. You can wave to your son at his piano recital or blow a kiss to your daughter when you drop her off for school, and in that moment, they smile bigger than on any given Christmas morning.

The other day, I decided to try a new tactic with my little boy who is in the “why” stage. He argues every chance he gets before he chooses to obey. I recognized his love for running and racing, so now:

“Go brush your teeth.”


“Ready, Get Set, Go,”

and he is GONE. Even my daughter has noticed and uses the phrase to help mommy out. We call it the “magic key”. I encourage you all to re-evaluate your skill set. I’m sure you all have “magic keys” of your own.

God designed us to embody real magic. For nine months our miracle bellies produced life and we can re-live real magic just by looking into our children’s eyes. The fact that we can go from a scared pregnant girl into a superhuman nurturing, multitasking machine isn’t short of incredible. Don’t get caught up in the fake magical motherly methodology that makes you feel inadequate. 🎵Oh oh OH it’s magic, you know! Never believe it’s not so.🎶

“This is the Lord ’s doing, and it is wonderful to see.

Psalm 118:23 NLT

There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing: there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.”
Proverbs 13:7 KJVA

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