Momercise: Update 1

Well, here we are.  I promised that I was going to report back every week.  Look at that. It’s been 2 weeks.  As expected, I did not meet my goal.  I planned to add a little dancing to every bit of daily mundanity that I could.  I followed through for 3 days in a row, and then….

“Ooh, let’s make brownies.”

“Road trip calories don’t count.”

“Fancy that? Snowing in the desert.  Guess we aren’t walking today.”

I’ve had all of these kind of excuses before.  Right now, to be honest, my lounge pants are fitting tightly on me and I am pretty scared.  I am not about to go out and buy bigger sizes.  I refuse to give up.  Please know that it was never my intention to make these updates about body shaming or anything like that.  It was and still is about accountability.  By the way, don’t expect any weigh-ins.  The last time I lost weight was inches, not pounds, and I felt healthy.  The scale is not an accurate measuring device for health, and for that matter, happiness.

So, if I am owning up to the fact that I am not perfect I hope to encourage someone out there.  Even though I added a few shimmies and sways to my daily routines it still caused my attitude to shift, which I call a win.  I may not have exercised as much as I wanted, but I’m on my way to building myself as a happier and healthier individual.  I’m going to keep my promise that once I reach 50 followers I will share a video. I still hope to help some moms out there that are like me that can’t afford a gym membership with a fun dance routine that they can do anywhere. Please consider following me, even if you want to laugh at my pitiful attempt to stay accountable.  You could get a few dance tips to help you out in other scenarios as well.  See you next Thursday…(“Yeah right” she mutters to herself).

Any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all.” –Lynda Barr

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