Wait on the Lord

I wrote this skit years ago, in hopes that I could someday present it in church. I had forgotten about it until now, so I decided to share it with you all.


Stage Right: A family appears to be on a car trip. There is a sign that points to Disneyland.

Child One: Are we there yet?

Father: Not yet.

Child 2: How much farther.

Mother: Not much longer. Be patient.

Child 1: I’m hungry!

Father: You should have eaten more when we stopped before.

Child 2: Are we there yet ?

Mother: No, sweetie.

Child 1: Ugh! This is taking forEVER

Child 2: I have to go to the bathroom.

Child 1&2: Are we there yet?


Stage Left: Lights come up. Jesus is leading a young woman by the hand. There is a sign that points to “Blessings”

Woman: Are we there yet?

Jesus: Not yet.

Woman: How much longer?

Jesus: Not long. Be patient.

Woman: But, Jesus! I give and I give and I give.

Jesus: You’re doing well. Almost there.

Woman: It’s not fair. Ugh! This is taking forEVER.

Jesus & Father : (in unison) I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND!


Stage Left: A little boy and his mother walk by a candy store.

Boy: Can I have a candy?

Mom: Not today, sweetie.

Boy: But I want a candy!

Mom: And I said ‘No’.

Boy: But whyyyyyyyy?!

Mom: It’s too close to dinnertime and you still have candy at home from your birthday piñata. I know you’re going to stuff your face with more later. You’re going to get sick.

Boy: No, I won’t. I promise.

Mom: Yes, you will.

Boy: Nuh-UH! I don’t care what you say! I’m gonna get a candy ANYWAYS!


Stage Left: A teenage boy greets Jesus. They fist-bump, hug, etc.

Boy: Hey! Jesus! Love you, man! How’s it going? Listen, I met this girl-

Jesus: No

Boy: But she is SO-

Jesus: No.

Boy: Oh, come ON! Why not?

Jesus: Because you don’t know her, you’re parents raised you better, and she doesn’t even know me.

Boy: Sure, she does.

Jesus: Nope.

Boy: Well, I’m gonna! I don’t care what you say.

Jesus and Mother: (in unison) You’ll be sorry.


Stage Right: A little girl is playing with her doll by her father’s feet. The father is scrolling constantly on his phone.

Girl: Daddy! Look at my dolly!

Father: (not looking up) Mmm-hmm.

Girl: Daddy? Look!

Father: (still not looking up) Yes. Pretty.

Girl: Daddy, can you play with me?

Father: Later, honey.

Girl: Hey, daddy. Remember the time you took me to church and the pastor told us about Jesus, and how he is coming very soon?


Girl: Remember? We are going to live with Jesus soon. In heaven. I can’t wait! Daddy?

Father: Not now, honey. I have to do a thing.


Stage Right: Same father is on the stage by himself, holding the dolly in his hands.

Father: God? God?! Where are you?! Where is everyone? What happened? Please…Can I pray? Can you save me? Jesus? Anyone?

Jesus enters and strolls right by the father. The father runs to him and grabs his hand with a pleading look.

Jesus: I have to do a thing.


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