A Mother’s Sound of Silence

Alternative lyrics to the popular song by Simon & Garfunkel and Disturbed.

Hello, laundry my old friend. I’ve come to not fold you again. You see it’s been almost eleven weeks. And the children’s room already reeks. And I’ve forgotten which ones are dirty and which ones are clean….I need caffeine…is that the sound…of fighting?

I quickly tell the kids time out. They won’t tell me what it’s about. While they push and shove they cry and shriek. Bloody noses and a blue bruised cheek, and then they punch… my favorite coffee cup out of my hand…and there I stand…frozen in…the silence.

And so I quickly run away. I just can’t do it all today. I slam the bathroom door and hide myself. Grab my chocolate stash on that high shelf. The kids come knocking, scream “Mommy mommy! Let me in!…so I begin…to say a prayer…then silence.

Bedtime finally has come. The daily mom work is all done. My baby cuddles into my right cheek. His snoring sounds like little mousy squeaks. And I smile, because I’ll gladly do it all again. Keep momming, friends…this is a rare…sweet silence.

Epilogue: Just for Fun

The Blame Game (to the tune of The Name Game) His fault his fault, no her fault nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah your fault nuh- uh his fault! Her fault! The Blaaaaaaame Gaaaaaame.

Because I Said So (to the tune of I Love Rock N Roll) Because I said so, now go clean your room, don’t you argue baby! Because I said so, and don’t you even roll your eyes at me!

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