Bad Luck Cat

“We saw people who loved their neighbours and were kind to man and beast, we might know that was God’s mark, for ‘God is love.'” –Black Beauty

Last year on Halloween day, I was picking up my kids from school. A lady was bending under her car, trying to coax a tiny black kitten to come out. I could tell the lady was in a hurry, so I offered to take responsibility for it. I had heard rumors that some terrible things happen to black cats on Halloween. I knew I couldn’t leave it. Thankfully, the owner’s information was on her collar and she got safely home. I have researched that black cats rarely get adopted because of silly stereotypes, so I wrote a short story about a cat who is sad over the bad luck myths and just wants to be loved. At the beginning a little boy tries to keep his sister away. The next part is the poor cat wishing she was anything other than a black cat. Finally the little sister comes back at the end of the story to save the day. Today, I share the story with you all and encourage you to consider adopting a black cat today. Be a light in a poor black cat’s dark world.

Bad Luck Cat

Bad luck cat, Bad luck cat

I warn you. Stay away from that!

Look at her black and matted fur.

Look at her evil eyes.

She’s going to cast a spell on you.

She hisses and she flies.

Don’t let her cross your path, look out!

She is nothing but bad luck

She dances with all her creepy friends

On the hour midnight is struck.

So, come back home with me little sis

Hurry or she’ll spit a curse.

A black cat for our pet?!

I can think of nothing worse.

Bad luck cat, Bad luck cat?

Why do they keep saying that?

I’m tired of this nonsense

Cast a spell? I don’t know how

But if I could, a tuna melt

You’d surely be by now.

This superstition that I’m bad luck

It has gone too far indeed.

No one would be afraid of me

if I were another breed.

If I were a slinky Siamese

With piercing, sapphire eyes

A poised and elegant feline

How could they despise?

How I wish I were a Persian,

I’d be glamorous and white

A perfect, preening powder-puff

On velvet pillows every night.

A tabby cat would be some fun

I’d frolic in haylofts on a farm

I’d have fresh cow’s milk every day

And add to the country charm.

Maybe a Manx, without a tail

But I’d jump as high as a tree

No rocking chairs to stress my nerves

What an athlete I would be

A calico cat would be just fine

With a coat of many colors

A fuzzy patchwork kitty

Not like all the others

Egyptian Mau or Bengal

Those pure, expensive breeds

If I were just like them

I would get the respect I need

Or perhaps a bigger cat instead

A tiger or ocelot

A wild lion, a cheetah?

Hmmm….maybe not

Forget it! I am all alone

This curse will never end

Maybe I’d rather be a dog

After all, they’re man’s best friend.

Oh fluff and whiskers!

I think I’ve lost my mind!

No, a loyal cat I’ll stay

I can’t turn on my own kind.

Bad luck cat, Bad luck cat

I really don’t believe that

Look at your beautiful emerald eyes

Your soft and shiny fur

Almost like a baby panther

Aw, what a happy and calming purr

You aren’t bad luck at all

Mysterious, yes, but kind

You’re the perfect cat for me

I won’t leave you behind

Bad luck cat, bad luck cat?

Well, that is the end of that.

“If a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” –Groucho Marx

3 thoughts on “Bad Luck Cat”

  1. I’m with Barbara on loving your poem. And I’m sure I could fall in love with this black cat; my own cat had beautiful green eyes. Superstition, stupid-stition! Everything God made was “so good, so very good!” (Genesis 1:31)


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