In My Van

A floor covered in cookie crumbs, School papers stuck in bubble gum,

Legos covered in Cheeto dust, exploded pens and pizza crust

Glittery slime trapping coins in the cupholder

Apple juice stain on an important work folder

Electric bills and paper clips

Sweaty hats and moldy Fun Dips

Ten fast food bags still wet with grease

A toy left behind by my niece

Collections of rocks, and a bottle of glue.

Soda cans and play-doh too.

Winter sweatshirts AND summer goggles, the mess making my mind boggle.

Candy wrappers and scrunchii hair ties.

Surprised my van doesn’t have flies

Alright childern, time to clean out the car

They roll their eyes and say it’s too far.

We have our backpacks, they are heavy enough!

Our day at school, it was way too tough.

The groceries in my arms are pulled up high.

All the kids can do is sigh.

I’d rather do it once on my own.

Then take a second trip into the van zone.

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